How to adjust the brightness of the iPhone flashlight

apple flashlight
apple flashlight
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apple flashlight

The Apple operating system has an application that allows you to use the flash as a flashlight, but what undoubtedly improves the experience is the ability to adjust the intensity of the light of said virtual flashlight, providing great versatility.

The iPhone flashlight has five levels of light power graduation, from off to maximum brightness

This makes it possible to maximize the ability to illuminate dark spaces in an astonishingly powerful way with the small flash but also allows to reduce said illumination if we do not want to dazzle or annoy whoever is in the environment of this variable power torch and customizable by the user. .

The flashlight is accessible by default in the menu that can be invoked even from the locked screen of the iPhone with just a swipe down from the top right of the screen.

It is the same menu where the icons appear that allow you to adjust the volume and brightness of the screen, activate / deactivate the flight mode, data connections, WiFi and Bluetooth as well as other settings and applications, being possible to add some more although with certain limitations , a common identity sign in iOS, which allows modifications to its icons although with less margin than what happens in Android.

Among these icons, all in white on a dark background, appears the little drawing of a flashlight, which will be enough to press so that the flash next to the rear camera lenses turns on continuously.

If the button is held down, the display will show a large vertical bar with five levels which can be selected by sliding your finger over them. At the bottom (a dark horizontal bar) you can select the complete shutdown of the flashlight, leaving the other four as different steps of increase in the intensity of the light from the flash turned into a flashlight.

iOS flashlight bars

On the iPhone’s own lock screen, no need to slide your finger As explained, some of these shortcut icons may also appear, and it is recommended that one of them be the flashlight, as it is enough to tap on any point on the screen to activate or deactivate it.

In this case, if you want adjust the intensity of the light which provides whether it will be necessary to invoke it by means of the aforementioned sliding with the finger, then keeping the flashlight icon pressed briefly so that that bar appears on the screen with the different degrees of light intensity.