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How to add folder shortcuts on the iOS home screen

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iOS has been characterized since its inception as an extremely restrictive platform. Its customization tools in the beginning were limited exclusively to the options provided by the operating system itself.

With the arrival of widgets in iOS 14, many new options were opened to give a more personal touch to the home screen, such as the ability to link folders directly to a dedicated section.

The iOS home screen only houses application icons or the shortcuts that are exported from Safari to this section.

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Since Apple’s mobile operating system implemented widgets on its home screen, the possibilities for customization have increased. Although under this format, the most common is to find “mini-applications” of other apps, such as email, social networks or multimedia content, it is also possible to add practical functions for the daily use of the mobile.

Folders on the iOS home screen

Folder Shortcuts @ Homescreen is the only app available on the App Store that offers a folder shortcut widget for the home screen of an iPhone or iPad running iOS or iPad OS version 14.4, as applicable, or higher. recent.

The operating dynamics of this app is simple. Once installed, it will appear on the home screen as one more application. From it, you can control which folders to link in your widgets.

IPad widgets

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This is what folder widgets look like on an iPad

This application is compatible with both folders that contain local data or those managed directly from iCloud Drive. In other words, you can link to any directory that you can access from the iOS Files app.

Once this selection is made, the Folder Shortcuts @ Homescreen widgets will appear alongside the other options available on your iPhone or iPad, when modifying the home screen. The app is easy to use, supports two different sizes of widgets and is compatible with the system’s light and dark modes, with a theme for each configuration.

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Functions like this are already common for those who use Android. But in the case of iOS, it is a whole new experience, which in addition to providing its obvious utility, can also help the transition of those users who are just migrating to this platform.

This application can be obtained for € 1.09 (or its equivalent in your local currency) through the App Store.

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