How to add a contact to WhatsApp without knowing their phone number?

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WhatsApp is one of the applications with which we interact the most in our daily lives. And, aware of this, its development team is constantly including new features that ensure the loyalty of its users. One of the latest has been the way in which we add to our contacts which, for the first time, avoids having to know the phone number, we will tell you.

Historically, to chat with any user on WhatsApp It was necessary that it first be saved in our calendar as a contact. Unlike other apps, the company belonging to Meta did not allow carry out any type of search by name or, failing that, nickname. So there was no other way other than exchanging numbers.

However, and with the aim of maintaining loyal to their users, WhatsApp has a method that allows us to add new contacts without having to go through the agent first. Although it is true that it does not respond to the privacy needs that many users have asked of the application on repeated occasions, it is a good starting point from which to move forward. We tell you how to get it.

Each user has an associated QR code

If we access the settings tab found within WhatsApp, we arrive at our profile. There we can change the name that we want to appear in the application when we send a message to make our own avatar. Going through more detailed configuration options related to privacy, account or storage, among others.

And it is precisely in this tab where we find the key to be able to chat with any user, even though at this moment we do not have the user saved as such. Just to the right of our name we find the drawing of a QR code. When you click on it, a code appears that can be read by any other device, whether iOS or Android.

Once read, a pop-up message will appear inviting us to add as contact to that user. So, once in the agenda, you can chat with him. As we have previously mentioned, this is a functionality that is not yet on par with Telegram in terms of privacy, since the phone number is made visible in the final part of the process, but it can simplify and further automate this whole process. task. In addition to being the first step towards advancing further in terms of security.

New improvements

WhatsApp continues iintroducing new improvements among its users. All of them focused on maintaining the leadership of the application within the field of communications and enriching the number of functions that can be done from it. In certain countries of the world, such as India, the company has already stated that payments can be made from the conversation or even reserve a table at a restaurant or any other service in which we are interested.

As applications become richer the number of functionalities that they offer, the user remains the main beneficiary. Enjoying the competition and constant improvement that most of the tools we use in our daily lives are involved in.

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