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How to activate visual notifications on iPhones through the use of flash

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There are many functions offered by the Apple iPhone, and some of them are unknown to the owners. An example is the possibility that exists to use the phone’s flash as a visual LED to notify that a notification has arrived. Here’s how to turn this feature on so you don’t miss out on reading something that’s important. By doing this, in the event that you have silenced the iPhone, you will be able to see clearly and quickly if a notification has arrived, since the terminal’s flash will light up to notify you. So no one has to be disturbed and this is a great help for times when you need nothing to ring (like a meeting or when you’re at the movies). The option we are talking about is included by default in the iOS operating system, so you don’t have to install anything to get it… something that is always an excellent detail to maintain the maximum possible security. This is how you use the iPhone flash to find out if you have notifications We leave you the steps you have to take on the phones of the Cupertino company to achieve the objective we are talking about. You’re not going to take long to achieve this and also the puckering of the phone is not affected in the slightest. This is what you have to do: Go into the iPhone Settings. To do this you can use the Control Center or the icon that has a gear shape inside. You will now see a list with a large number of options on the phone screen, among them you must choose Accessibility, which is in the central area. There, again, you will see many possibilities that can be configured. Click on Audio/Visual. Now look for the section called LED Flash for Alerts (or something similar). There, turn on the slider that enables LED Flash for alerts. You can set whether you want this feature to run when iPhone is unlocked or if Silent Mode is turned on. You decide. Once this is done, you’re done and you can enjoy the ad we’re talking about. At any time you can return to the default settings on the iPhone, so we are talking about an option that can work temporarily. Without a doubt, a great help for those who usually don’t know very well about the arrival of notifications to Apple terminals, which are more than they seem. >

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