How to activate two-factor authentication on Facebook

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The two factor authentication is a computer access security system in which a user is granted entry to a particular system only when they meet two or more tests that corroborate their identity. Currently, this method is one of the most used. For example, Twitter allows double authentication, in addition to the fact that there are many authentication applications and, logically, Facebook has also joined this trend.

Two-factor authentication makes it possible to ensure that only the real user can access your account.

In this sense, Facebook allows you to keep your account shielded in the best possible way, which is why it has two-factor authentication. The good news is that enabling this feature is really easy. It is only a matter of following the steps of the procedure so that you fulfill your mission.

Activate two-factor authentication on Facebook from mobile

– In the upper right corner of your Facebook app, click on the three vertical lines to open the menu.

– Tap on the gear icon to see the settings.

– Click on “Password and security”.

– Click on “Use two-factor authentication”.

– Facebook will expose a QR code and a text code and a link to configure on the same device. In this step you must scan the code or add it manually, then click on “Continue”.

– Facebook will ask you for a six-digit confirmation code, which you will get in the app. Add it to the app and select “Continue”.

– A message will appear informing you that authentication has been activated. Here you can use the 2FA app of your choice to log in to the platform.

– If you want to receive a text message, choose “Text message (SMS)”.

– Then, they will ask you for the mobile number, put it in and press “Continue”.

– You will receive a six-digit confirmation SMS on your smartphone. Add the code and tap on “Continue”.

– A confirmation will appear informing you that authentication has been enabled.

Activate two-factor authentication on Facebook from the browser

– Click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.

– Click on “Settings and privacy”.

– Select “Settings” again.

– Now, tap on “Security and login”.

– Under “Two-Factor Authentication”, select “Edit”.

– If you plan to use an authenticator app like Google Authenticator, choose “Use authenticator app”.

– A QR and text code will be displayed, you can scan the code or add it manually. Then choose “Continue”.

– Facebook will ask you for a key to verify your identity with a six-digit code. Obtain this password in the authentication app, write it in Facebook and click on “Continue”.

– You will see a message informing you that two-factor authentication is active. Here you can use the app you want to log in.

– You can also ask Facebook to send you a six-digit message, if so, select “Use text message (SMS)”.

– The app will ask for your mobile number, enter it and press “Continue”. You will receive a message with a six-digit confirmation number. Add this number in the box and click “Continue”.

– Finally, you will get a message indicating that authentication has been activated.

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