How to activate the scheduled summary of notifications on your iPhone with iOS 15

Apple seems determined not to let notifications flood our day to day like a constant trickle of messages that we end up reading compulsively. And not because it is not urgent to attend to what they tell us, but because what we pick up on the phone we already get lost and we end up looking at something inconsequential that distracts us from what is really important. That is why iOS 15 brings us a really useful function that consists of activating a summary of all those notifications that we consider as non-priority, so that it shows them only at certain times of the day. That is, if we want to rest from WhatsApp in the morning so as not to be distracted from work, we can hide everything that comes to us so that the iPhone can summarize it at 2:00 p.m., for example. How do we compact the notifications? To create this summary of notifications we have to go to the “settings” of the iPhone and then select the option “Notifications”. You will first see the option that we need to activate and that it is a novelty of iOS 15. Its name, “Scheduled Summary”. Once there you will see another menu that we must activate by tapping on the switch so that, at that moment, another screen appears. In it you will see a presentation of this function with a huge Continue button. “So we do it and the first thing that will appear will be a list of applications ordered from more to less notifications generated. That means that we can see in an agile way which applications They are the ones that bother us the most, in case you want to eliminate them from the ones you receive in real time. In any case, Apple sells us the function as a way to get rid of the apps that bother us the least, so perhaps it is It is a good idea to do just the opposite. In your hand it remains to compact the notifications of the most annoying apps or, as iOS 15 points out, to do it with the ones that do the least. In any case, you must select those exceptions that we want to hide. Once done, click on “Add X apps” to go to the programming screen. At that moment we can set one or more times to publish the summary on the iPhone screen that will remain active as long as you do not decide. we give the opposite. As you can see, this function is a good way to divide even more everything we receive on the phone, marking the times in which it is most useful, or interesting, to know all the notifications that we have pending to read. >