How to activate the “Low Power” mode at any time on iPhone

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The iPhone operating system has an option that comes into action when the battery charge drops below 20%, a low consumption mode, which disconnects some functions, lowers the screen brightness and dispenses with wireless connections or of automatic downloads with 5G, with the aim of allowing a increased battery life. And although when these load thresholds are reached, the device itself displays a message that alerts you to the situation and facilitates the option of activating the battery saving mode, it is also possible to automatically set its activation.

The battery saving mode disables some functions to improve the remaining battery life of the iPhone

The battery, its autonomy and status, are some of the concerns of users regarding the operation of their mobiles, and it is important to know the ways to extend the life of your battery, or in this case to know how to manage its consumption when the remaining charge is low.

This automatic activation of battery saving mode It is achieved through the Shortcuts app, where you can find the Automation option, represented by a clock icon and which allows you to set reactions of iOS devices to certain conditions.

When creating a new automation, various options appear, having to scroll vertically until you find the one referring to Battery level, clicking on it. At that moment, a new screen is accessed that shows a customizable indicator of the battery charge level, with the indication “When the battery level reaches …” marking at that point the desired battery charge level for this operation. When it has been set, select the option «Next» and then «Add action»

At that moment is when the action of low power mode activation.

Finally, a button to activate the function appears that would show on the screen a warning prior to said activation, which if left deactivated, will automatically enter into battery saving mode at the same time that the battery charge reaches the threshold preset, without active user intervention.