How to activate self-destructing messages on Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger screen share
facebook messenger screen share
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Facebook Messenger Screen Share

To improve privacy protection in its users’ communications, Facebook Messenger includes an option that allows messages to self-destruct after a while, automatically deleting them from the interlocutor’s device, an option that has been available for some time in other instant messaging platforms. like WhatsApp.

Facebook Messenger can be configured to delete messages and files sent to an interlocutor

The messages that self-destruct are only available in the apps for iOS and Android, it is not being possible to use them through the web version at the moment. And in addition to the messages themselves, this deletion can also be activated for the attached files sent in those conversations, such as photos, videos or stickers.

To activate it there are two different methods:

-Secret: In the first case, it is accessed from the icon in the upper left part of the app, where you have to select in the upper right part the Secret section, featured with a sliding lock. It is time to select the interlocutor of the secret conversation and, after composing the message and, if necessary, selecting an image or video to be sent, it is time to activate the timer that appears to the left of the dialog box. text.

This period until the message is automatically deleted can be graduated between a minimum of 5 seconds and a maximum of one day. When the deadline expires, the message will disappear from the interlocutor’s device.

-Chat: Using this option, you first access the chat function, having selected the interlocutor with whom you want to exchange messages that will self-destruct. You will have to click on the interlocutor’s own avatar and in the menu that appears select «Go to secret conversation«. At that time a new one will be activated. The message that is written here is the one that can self-destruct, for which you will have to click on the timer located to the left of the text box, choosing how long you want the message to remain visible, with the aforementioned minimum limits of 5 seconds and 1 day maximum.

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