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How to activate parental controls on Amazon Fire tablets step by step

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How to activate parental controls on Amazon Fire tablets step by step

The Amazon Fire tablets In its latest installments, they have become more than correct solutions for those who do not have great performance needs, but who are looking for a solvent device that is suitable for tasks such as enjoying video or reading PDF documents. The options offered by these devices with Android (they use their own fork called Fire OS), are quite extensive and one of them is to be able to use Parental control.

Doing this avoids problems with kids, as content that is not intended for this is avoided and not displayed. An example are the videos that are on platforms such as YouTube or series or movies on services that exist in Spain, such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. The fact is that the tablet is much more suitable for the use of the smallest of the house, since even the installation of Applications from the well-known online store is affected -for the better in this case-.

This is how you activate parental controls on Amazon Fire tablets

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The steps that we are going to take are carried out with the latest version of the aforementioned operating system installed on the tablet, something that is not difficult to achieve (but they are practically identical in previous versions). So that everything is perfect in the use of parental control, a gateway is used as a password which is the one that children should not have and that allows adults to bypass the restrictions. What you have to do to set the desired configuration is the following:

  • On the main screen of the Amazon tablet, look for the icon in the shape of a circular gear that generally exists at the bottom.
  • Now, you will see a list with the different Settings that you can set on the Fire. Among them, there is a section called Parental Control, which is the one you should use. To do this, click just above it.
Access to Parental Controls on the Amazon Fire HD
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  • You see that there is a slider in the right area that is disabled, use it to activate the function. At this time, it will ask you for additional information such as the age limit to use or the password you want to set to bypass Parental Control. Enter the required data to fit your needs.
  • Once everything is filled in, confirm and, from this moment, you have the protection for the contents used by children activated and working. Once this is done, you already have everything perfectly configured.

As you have seen, everything is quite simple and there is no lack of Parental Control option on Amazon Fire tablets, so they are an excellent option for use by the little ones in the house. Obviously, the function we have discussed you can deactivate it at any time by following the steps that we have indicated and disabling the slider (it will ask you for the password that you have entered before).


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