How to activate ‘dark mode’ on LinkedIn

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Linkedin light logo

LinkedIn has already implemented the ability to activate dark mode on your platform, allowing reduce fatigue visual by showing the text in white color on a black background with parts highlighted in dark gray, as opposed to the current mode, which shows the black text on a white background.

LinkedIn, which belongs to Microsoft, has more than 774 million registered accounts

This feature had already appeared back in 2019 as a possibility in development within the social network for professionals. Thanks to the activation of the dark mode, present in more and more apps, platforms and social networks, it helps to reduce the visual fatigue that occurs as a result of spending a lot of time reading black text on the white background of a screen. The white background, with greater luminosity, produces a contraction of the pupil, while in return there is a greater effort in the correct visualization of the text. In some cases, astigmatism can even occur.

Additionally another consequence of activating dark mode is the increase in the autonomy of mobile devices, because dark screens require better power, contributing to a reduction in battery consumption.

LinkedIn dark mode

How to use dark mode on LinkedIn

Dark mode can be activated on LinkedIn, both for the app on mobile devices and in the web version, as follows:

-From the LinkedIn user profile access the Settings menu.

-Travel to the Display section.

-Press on the Dark Mode option.

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-To select about the preferred option.

LinkedIn offers three options at this point:

-Dark Mode

-Clear mode

-Device settings

The latter is the default activated mode for users who have the ability to activate Dark Mode on their devices.

LinkedIn dark mode

The social network LinkedIn, focused on offering a space for contact between professionals, has been owned by Microsoft since 2016 and already has more than 774 million accounts created around the world.