How to activate dark mode in Windows 11

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You’ve probably suffered visual fatigue from spending a lot of time glued to a screen to work, watch movies or play video games. To avoid this situation, there are alternatives that we can put into practice to increase our duration in front of a screen, like the one that Windows 11 brings with it. If you are one of the people who accumulates a lot of time in front of the computer, there is a method to relax your eyes. that will improve your quality of life: Windows 11 dark mode.

According to experts, every 20 minutes you should take your eyes off the screens in order to rest your eyes and avoid headaches or migraines. It is also advisable to avoid screens to prevent blurred or distorted vision or to reduce visual stress. One of the pharmaceutical remedies is to use artificial tears when you feel visual fatigue in order to keep your eyes hydrated, but it is not always a solution.

But if you spend many hours in front of the screen, you have to take a series of precautions to give your eyes a break, especially before going to sleep. To do this, we suggest using Windows 11 dark mode that, even though you will continue looking at the laptop or monitor panel, will help your eyes rest. Although it should not be abused in this way, it can cause eye blurring.

Activate dark mode in Windows 11

The Windows dark mode function is nothing new. It was already available in previous versions, such as Windows 10, and even has been incorporated into smartphones with the pretext of improving our eye rest by spending so much time in front of the screen. And, to a large extent, it works.

To activate dark mode in Windows 11, we must go to the system configuration. To do this, we can click on the start button with the right click and look for the Settings option. Once there, a list of options will appear and we will have to click on Personalization. Next, we must enter Colors, and in the Choose your mode setting we must press the arrow to display the dark mode.

Windows 11 enable dark mode

But if you want to get an even better user experience, change the PC theme to a darker one. Thus, you have to click on Personalization again on the settings screen and select a theme to apply. In this case, you would have to choose the topic dark windows. Instantly, Windows 11 will change its entire interface to black, so that any settings window, folders, etc., in the system will be darkened.

But if you want to disable all these settings, just click on the Light Windows theme and your PC will return to the original mode, at the same time selecting the light mode in the Personalization, Colors section.

Why use dark mode?

Activating dark mode is one of the most recommended options if you suffer from eye pain or some type of visual fatigue that prevents you from concentrating all your attention. Dark mode is a tool that encourages relaxation of your eyes in a pleasant way, making it less laborious read any type of content on a dark background. But, even though it causes pupil dilation, dark mode is also often used in low light conditions or in places where there is no lighting so that the brightness of the screen does not damage the eyes.

Finally, in addition to reflecting a cleaner aesthetic, allowing your eyes to relax, dark mode is a tool that serves to save battery on your laptop and mobile devices.

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