How to activate battery saving mode on Apple iPhone phones

How to activate battery saving mode on Apple iPhone phones

How to activate battery saving mode on Apple iPhone phones

Although some do not use it, possibly due to ignorance of the existence of this option, in iphone From Apple there is a Low Power Mode. This is to maximize battery life. To do this, it disables some functions that are accessories and not basic. Therefore, we speak of an excellent life jacket that surely on more than one occasion gets you out of trouble.

Some of the things that don’t work if you use this Mode, which is included in iOS For a long time, they are checking for application updates in the background, the use of 5G, being able to receive email and even the visual effects of the operating system are reduced. But, by activating this option, they significantly increase the usage time that you can enjoy at specific times with the iPhone. By the way, don’t be afraid, since any of what you have on the phone is in dangerbecause nothing is erased.

This is how you activate the battery saving mode on iPhones

Simplicity is the predominant note, and there is nothing you have to do that takes a lot of time. The way to activate this function is practically the same on all Apple phones, regardless of the version of the iOS operating system that you use. Therefore, you will see that in less than a minute You can activate Battery Save Mode and, in this way, get the most out of your iPhone in terms of autonomy. These are the steps you have to take:

  • Access the phone Settings in the usual way, for example, using the icon you have in the list of applications installed on the iPhone.
  • Now, look for the Battery section that is in the list that you see on the screen. It may be necessary for you to scroll down even though it is one of the main ones used in terminals.
Battery of an Apple iPhone phone

  • Among the options that exist in the aforementioned section, there is one called Battery Save Mode. This is controlled with a slider that you have to activate -by direct pressing-. Do this until you see it go from gray to a different color, usually green.
  • To check that everything is working as you should check that the color of the battery icon in the iPhone bar is now yellow. If so, everything has gone well.
  • You have finished and, from this moment, you will be sure that you do not consume even one milliamp more than necessary.

To deactivate this function you have to follow the same steps mentioned above, on some iPhone models it is possible to do this from the Control Center. Therefore, there is no complication. The fact is that this battery saving mode is very Useful at times when you don’t have much charge and you can’t find a plug. An example is when you are in the country taking a walk.


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