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How to activate anonymous mode on LinkedIn

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Most users of LinkedIn, the social network for the world of work owned by Microsoft, are unaware of the possibility of browsing it anonymously. This means that it is possible access the profiles of other users without them noticing that you have done so and also, of course, that others visualize yours without your being able to know it.

LinkedIn’s anonymous mode allows you to visit the profiles of other users without having to identify yourself

So becoming anonymous on LinkedIn, even for a limited time, is a great way to unnoticed while you collect information on the platform. As long as you have the anonymity option activated on LinkedIn, any other user who accesses your profile will not be able to see your avatar photo or your personal information.

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However, this anonymous browsing option also implies that, if someone enters to see your profile, even if they do not have access to any information, you will not be able to know who it was. Only by contracting the Premium mode of the platform can you continue to know who enters your profile even while in anonymous mode.

Here we explain, step by step, how you can activate this anonymous browsing mode on your LinkedIn profile.

– “Settings and privacy”: Access your LinkedIn profile from your computer and click, in the upper right corner of the screen, where it says “I” under your profile photo. When you do this, you will see that a tab is displayed with various options. Click on the one that says, under the heading of “Account”, “Settings and privacy.”

-“Visibility”: LinkedIn will take you to a new screen where it allows you to configure a large number of aspects of your profile. In the left area of ​​the screen you will see a strip in which the actions are grouped by topic, and you must click on the one that says “Visibility”, which is the third from the top.

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– “Profile view options”: It is the first of the options that you will see when you enter the “Visibility” tab. You will see that the word “Change” appears and, when you click on it, a tab appears that offers you three options. The first is to leave the profile with public visibility. The second is a private profile, in which your name or photo is not displayed, but your job title is. The third and last option, the anonymous mode, in which no data from your account will be visible to third parties.

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