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How to activate Always On mode on your Amazfit watch

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When buying a cheap smartwatch, the solutions of amazon They are one of the best options to consider. The Asian manufacturer has a catalog beyond all doubt and that it does not stop expanding with new models.

And it is that, the incredible value for money offered by the products of this brand have made it become one of the great references if you are looking for a complete smart watch at a good price.

Also, amazfit has added all kinds of functions to the smart interface that brings your family of wearables to life so you can get the most out of it. We have already told you about some really useful tricks that will allow you, for example, to use your Amazfit smartwatch as a virtual assistant.

A simple function to activate and very useful

Today we want to show you how activate Always On mode on your Amazfit, a function that allows you to see the time at all times without having to perform any particular gesture. The secret so that the battery does not drain quickly lies in the technology used in the screen.

Models with an AMOLED panel are capable of lighting the pixels independently, so the screen does not turn on completely, but only the necessary area lights up.

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In this way, the battery saving is very noticeable. It is true that the autonomy will suffer a bit with this function activated, but it is very worth activating the Always On mode on your Amazfit watch to be able to see the time at all times.

How to activate screen on mode

Furthermore, the process for activate screen on mode on your Amazfit smartwatch It is extremely simple, so it will not take you more than a few seconds to do it. Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • Swipe up on your smartwatch to access the options menu.
  • Click on the Settings option.
  • Now, look for the Always on display option and tap on it.
  • Choose if you want a digital or hands dial design.
  • Within the Enable state option, you must choose Continuous activation so that the screen always stays on.

As you may have seen, this function is very simple to activate and very useful. In addition, you will be able to program the system so that the screen turns on at certain times of the day. Finally, say that the process is completely reversible, so You can always disable this feature if you notice the battery draining too quickly.


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