How to access your private Google Photos folder to store ‘sensitive’ content

Google Photos seems to have lost some prominence as the main memory storage cloud for most users, something that has contributed to its closure last June, when the free space passed to a better life. Even so, it remains the place where we can best manage our personal photo library if we still have content in it. Since Google Photos closed those doors, a multitude of new functions have arrived, filters to edit, etc., and one of the latest additions has been the private folder, a place where we can store sensitive content that we do not want to be visible from other users who might have some access to the videos and photos we store in the cloud. How do we get to that corner? This private folder has special verification, through a PIN code that we can define, as well as biometric identification (optional) through the sensor that we have in the smartphone. Of course, at the moment it is only available on Android, so if you have an iPhone, you will not have a way to upload those photos of bank cards (we do not recommend having them), personal identification cards or files that for whatever reason do not consider as public domain. To go to that private folder, you simply have to open Google Photos on your Android smartphone and tap on the bottom right of the screen, on “Library”. There you will see four buttons at the top, and we are left with the “Utilities” button, which will be the one that offers us access to certain filters through which to find specific images or videos from our collection. Now we scroll to the bottom, after going through countless album thumbnails that we have created. In the last list that you will see, there is access to the “Private folder” that will need to be configured the first time we enter it. The process will be as simple as entering the PIN code of the smartphone and, immediately, clicking on the “Move elements” button in the library. At that moment you select all the photos and videos that you want to move to that location and Google Photos will take care of finishing the process quickly, removing everything that you indicate from the public showcase. Remember that if you have an Android tablet with Google Photos and you move images to that private folder, then you will not have access to it from, for example, an iPhone. So keep that in mind to avoid scares. >