How to access the most relevant data shared in conversations in Slack


In Slack, as a team communication and collaboration platform, many conversations tend to happen, where the most relevant data that occurs in them can be diluted as new messages arrive to the different channels created.

In order not to lose sight of the most relevant data, making access to it more and more difficult to search, comes OnlyThreads, a free application that helps make the most relevant data always available.

The idea is that once the end of a conversation is reached, a summary is made in the form of a conclusion of what has been discussed, and participation in said conversation is closed, preventing new messages from reaching the corresponding thread itself, which will simply be in read mode.

The creators comment that OnlyThreads was born out of an internal need and that, after some time of private use, they have decided to make it publicly available for free to those other organizations that may need to have the relevant data more at hand.

In fact, on its home page it is sold as a tool to turn Slack into a knowledge base.

While it makes it easier to keep conclusions and decisions closer to hand, regardless of when they occurred, OnlyThreads It will also search for similar conversations when creating a new conversation thread in order to avoid the existence of similar or duplicate conversations.

OnlyThreads also has a advanced search tool for finding decisions or conclusions that have been made in the past, allowing access to them in a matter of seconds.

We repeat that it is also a completely free Slack application. There is no doubt that this application will help a lot in the productivity of many organizations, especially those organizations where there can be enough conversations within their spaces in Slack.

It’s a matter of giving it at least one chance and seeing the benefits in terms of efficiency when it comes to finding the most relevant data that has been shared in the conversations that have occurred.

More information: OnlyThreads