How to access the hidden menu of Disney + and customize the subtitles

How to access the hidden menu of Disney + and customize the subtitles
how to access the hidden menu of disney + and

Disney+ It has earned its position as one of the most used platforms worldwide and a great scourge of Netflix. The platform created by the mouse company boasts a catalog beyond any doubt, as well as functionality in its app that is more than solvent.

No one can deny that the Netflix application is far superior to its rivals, but the truth is that Disney+ is not bad at all, offering very good performance and a fairly intuitive interface.

Unlike some of these services, Disney+ opted for a weekly release model for its original series instead of releasing all seasons at once. This scheme has had a lot of repercussion, especially with series like “The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision”. And it has been part of its success, keeping millions of fans hooked while waiting for each new weekly chapter.

Also, if you know the best cheats for disney+ You will be able to get more out of this online streaming service than ever before, which was launched by The Walt Disney Company in November 2019.

Customize Disney+ subtitles with this trick

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For example, we have already told you what you should do if the Disney+ app is giving you problems on a television with Android TV or Google TV, as well as the best way to save data if you use this streaming platform using your mobile phone.

And today we are going to show you a simple trick that will allow you customize subtitles to your liking. In this way, you will be able to change the color, background, font or size to make them more readable.

Before continuing, we do not know the reason but we are very afraid that this option is not available on the official Disney+ mobile appso you will only be able to apply it in the web version, because the app for televisions does not include it either.

In return, say that the process is extremely simple. To do this, all you have to do is start playing the content you want and go to the language configuration menu, located in the lower right part.

You will see different options, you must click on the gear icon. Now, all you have to do is see the different options to change the font you’re going to use, the opacity, font, color… You won’t be short of options so you can read any subtitle on Disney+ in the most comfortable way.


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