How to access “Such a day as today” in Instagram Stories

instagram stories offers the possibility of sharing mentions
instagram stories offers the possibility of sharing mentions
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Instagram stories offers the possibility of sharing mentions

Instagram offers, in addition to the possibility of being up-to-date in everything your friends and family do, a powerful tool to indulge in nostalgia. We are talking about the “Such a day as today” mode, which allows the user to access their Stories published on a specific day several years ago.

This Instagram tool allows you to see the Stories published on a specific day in the past

Here we explain how you can access this Instagram tool in a few simple steps:

-Stories from Instagram: When opening the social network app you must click on the icon to create a new Story. Once inside the screen from which the Stories are generated, you must click on the “Create” icon.

You will see that, on the left margin of the screen, several icons appear in a column one above the other. The one for “Create” is the first of the three and consists of the letters “Aa”.

-Mode “Such a day as today”: Now you must scroll to the right until you find the function that interests us. You will have to go passing the symbols that appear in the lower strip with the screen until you reach the one of “Such a day as today”. This tool is represented by a clock icon with an arrow.

-Dive into your past: When you press in that mode, Instagram will show you the publications you have made on a day like today several years ago. For example, a Storie from September 13, 2017 may be shown with a sign at the top of the screen that would read “Four years ago…”.

-Add the memory to your Stories: In addition to checking what you were posting X years ago, you can also incorporate that memory into a new Story and share it with your followers.

To do this, you simply have to click on the clock icon when Instagram is showing you a memory. Then click on “Your Story”, the icon that appears in the lower left corner, and that publication from the past will be published in your Stories as a souvenir.