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How to access a desktop from any device

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Although smartphones, tablets, and laptops have seen a remarkable boom in use in recent years, many people still prefer desktop computers to carry out most of their daily tasks, thanks to the features they offer, the comfort when using the peripherals and the size of the monitor.

However, many do not have the purchasing power to buy a desktop computer. that’s where Shells Personal Cloud Computer is an ideal option.

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The idea behind this Shell initiative lies in take advantage of any device to unleash all the performance and experience of a desktop computer.

This is how the new proposal of Shells can not only be applied in tablets, but also in an old model of Chromebook, an LCD TV, a smartphone or any other that allows you to launch a virtual desktop that you can use as a desktop computer.

Personal Cloud Computer is cloud-basedso that you can access, edit, download and store your files from any device, with all the advantages that a desktop computer offers you.

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This is how when working with your files in Shells Personal Cloud Computer a backup of these will be createdsaving all the modifications you have made up to the moment of closing the file.

Also, this virtual environment uses firewalls and end-to-end encryption as a mechanism to keep your data safe. The new Shells is already on sale, being available in different configurations. In that sense, Shell Personal Cloud Computer can be purchased under the following plans.

  • Basic plan: Includes a processor, 40GB storage capacity, 2GB RAM, and unlimited usage for $64.99
  • Plus plan: It includes two processors, a storage capacity of 80 GB, RAM of 4 GB and a valid Windows license for one year; all this for only $94.99.
  • Pro plan: Includes four processors, 160GB storage capacity, 8GB RAM, and a Windows license; all this for $194.99.

You can learn more details at shells.com.

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