How TikTok’s Secret Algorithm Works

mobile tiktok downloads
mobile tiktok downloads
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Mobile TikTok downloads

The secret about the method used by the social platform TikTok to determine which videos are most popular and which ones it decides to show more regularly to its users has been revealed after an arduous journalistic investigation.

TikTok prioritizes the time the user spends watching videos, even if they don’t share them

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, the TikTok app tracks the time the user spends watching videos, even even if I don’t get to share them, so it would not be so relevant to mark them as favorites or redistribute them from your own profile. The platform analyzes user behavior and takes into account whether there are videos that are played several times (a sign that the user has been very interested).

The app, which has already reached the figure of 3,000 million downloads worldwide and has added new features such as the increase in the duration of the videos that users can publish, achieves with this analysis of the use of the platform to offer content specifically designed for user tastes under the heading “For You”, made up of an uninterrupted stream of personalized videos according to your interests. The algorithm takes into account the configuration of the account itself and the device, the information provided by the video and the interactions and behavior of the user in relation to their previous consumption of the content.

These sections take into account whether, for example, the user watches the longest videos to the end or if they interrupt the playback before they end, as well as whether they are interested in videos from creators from their own country or from other countries. locations.

In order to discover the operation of this algorithm, a thorough process of creating fake accounts has been carried out, from which the operating mode of the app has been investigated based on use, reaching this conclusion that the time spent watching the videos is more relevant (and what type of videos are contemplated) than social interactions.