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How they increase or reduce the age with the new Disney tool

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Changing the apparent age of a person in a video is not an easy task. You have to create a new skin, add or remove wrinkles, deform certain gestures… and all while maintaining the identity of the person, so that something natural is noticed.

Disney has been working on this issue, and has now presented a tool with which they can change the apparent age of the actors in real time.

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Watch the video first:

The aim of the tool is not to need any post-work on visual effects, no editing in a basement changing the frames of the video to make Stallone look 40 years younger, everything can be done while recording.

It is not the first time that neural networks and machine learning have been used to age or rejuvenate a person, but until now it was done with a single photograph, something we see in social network filters and the odd web application. In this case, photorealistic results are produced in videos, in motion, ready to enter through the front door in Hollywood.

The training of the AI ​​has been carried out with thousands of randomly generated synthetic faces, all to train a new neural network called FRAN, which stands for “Facial Age Alteration Network”.

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What the system does is predict which parts of the face would change with age, it works the wrinkles and superimposes the results as if it were a layer in Photoshop. It is even capable of recreating the lighting conditions when the face moves.

Undoubtedly, a great project that can open new possibilities to the world of cinema.

Learn more at studios.disneyresearch.com

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