How often would I have to change the robot vacuum cleaner?

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how often would i have to change the robot vacuum.jpg

A robot vacuum cleaner cleaning

If you bought your robot vacuum cleaner a while ago, you may have noticed that, lately, doesn’t clean as well as before. Or it is possible that you are simply beginning to wonder if it might not be time to change it for another one. Because even if it continues to work, you can imagine that you won’t be able to count on it until eternity. How often is it advisable to change your robot vacuum cleaner?

You may be like me and use your appliances or devices until they burst and there is no human way to continue getting the most out of them. In that type of case, prepare yourself that the day will come when your vacuum cleaner will stop working. But the truth is that it is better not to wait until that moment, because it will progressively clean your house in a less effective way.

The recommended period

As you can imagine, there are many factors that end up influencing the estimated life of your robot vacuum cleaner. However, we can tell you the average time in which you would have to renew the equipment for a new model. This period of time goes from between two years to five years. I am not going to deny that I have squeezed it beyond that level, but it is true that there is no doubt that when five years have passed it no longer works as it did before.

Robot vacuum cleaner cleaning the house

Whether your robot vacuum cleaner will need a replacement after two years or whether you can wait until five years will be something that will be influenced, mainly, by the brand you have chosen. If you bought very cheap and you have gone for one of those brands that are unknown and that clearly do not provide quality, most likely you will have to change it too soon. You already know that cheap things end up being expensive. On the contrary, with models from trusted manufacturers like the Roomba, you will have no problems reaching five years. You could even exceed that average time estimate if you have treated it very well or done a minimum of maintenance to help it always be in good condition.

How do you know if it’s time for a change?

As we indicated, it can be something ambiguous and you cannot simply throw your robot vacuum cleaner in the trash the moment it turns its fifth “birthday.” It is recommended that you look at a series of things, alarm factors that will show that the device He is not at his best. The most obvious is that you notice that the house is no longer as clean or that it now takes much more time to clean what it previously did with a single pass. To this you must also add that the robot may have stopped being able to use some of its functions. For example, you may no longer be using the mopping function properly or it may have stopped working altogether. This feature is usually one of the ones that fail the most in those vacuum cleaners that have been around for a certain period of time.

Activate robot vacuum cleaner

Another factor that is very indicative that it is in a bad state is the battery drains quickly. You may disconnect in the middle of work or reduce your ability to move because the power runs out too soon, resulting in you not being able to clean effectively. This is also a common problem, since charging and discharging is a common process that takes its toll on the capacity and resistance of the battery.

When you have carried out these checks, if you think that the problems that the robot is suffering cannot be tolerated or its effectiveness is really declining greatly, yes you will have to renew it. Before doing so, you may want to check with the manufacturer to see if there is any possibility of repairing defective parts for a small fee. You may end up getting a surprise, although the market tends to push us more towards throwing away the device and buying a new one because, in the long run, it will practically cost you the same.

How to extend the life of the robot?

We have mentioned that the manufacturing brand influences and that it is very important. It’s true, but we also told you that the way you treat the robot It will have a lot of capacity to influence the life of the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is recommended that you apply some tips. First of all, check the equipment’s instruction manual and, if you don’t have it, as is usual if years have passed, take a look online, since manufacturers usually have them for download on their websites. Maintenance tips are often included in these manuals, many of them being personalized for the robot vacuum cleaner you have.

Robot vacuum cleaner cleaning the whole house

If there is nothing in the manual, try cleaning the robot from time to time, check the filters, pads and other items it uses to clean. It is also recommended that you update the control application that you use on your mobile and, before you get the robot off your back Definitely, it wouldn’t hurt to do a Google search with the model name. Because it may be malfunctioning due to a general problem that many other people are having. It could have been a firmware update or similar that was pending to be resolved. If it is nothing of the sort and, simply, five years have passed since you bought it and you have already noticed the drop in performance, you should consider changing it for a new one.

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