How Netflix rates the success of its content

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1634579772 exito netflix.jpg

Netflix usually publishes lists of the most popular of its platform, in fact on the main page it always has the most popular content of the country where we are, a selection that makes more people dare to see it, increasing the numbers even more.

The criteria used to know when you consider something to be a success or a failure is often a secret, until now documents have been obtained detailing the company’s scores for ‘impact value’ and ‘efficiency’.

The data has been released by Bloomberg, a medium that shows how Squid Game (The Squid Game) generated more than 890 million dollars when it was done only with a budget of 21.4 million, calculating an efficiency of 41.7X.

The documents first came to light when an employee leaked confidential information about the show’s viewing data.

Other figures show that some 132 million people watched at least two minutes of Squid Game in the first 23 days, something never seen before (Bridgerton was close).

Netflix doesn’t disclose how many people watch a show until the end, so the numbers are always higher than what traditional TV shows.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix estimated that 89 percent of people who started Squid Game watched at least 75 minutes, or more than one episode, and that 87 million people finished it in the first 23 days.

Lawyers are already asking Bloomberg to stop showing data from the leaked information, as it may affect their business model.