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How much money is earned on YouTube for every 1,000 views

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The compensation offered by YouTube to content creators is not fixed. It varies depending on various parameters and is not the same in all countries of the world or for content in all languages.

To monetize content on YouTube you must have at least 1,000 subscribers on the channel

In any case, it is necessary that the content creators interested in monetizing their videos on YouTube have at least 1,000 subscribers to their channel and that all their long-term videos add up to at least 4,000 hours of joint viewings. For those who far exceed these statistics, the platform launches the YouTube Partner Program (YPP), which will allow them to earn up to 45% of revenue from advertising to be incorporated into your videos.

In addition, as of 2023, those who reach 10 million views in a period of 90 days in their short videos (Shorts), in addition to adding a minimum of 1,000 subscribers, will also be able to access.

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Several Internet video creators in the US market have recently reported what they get in exchange for their content, which has allowed them to establish a range of revenue per 1,000 views (RPM) ranging from between $1.61 and $29.30.

In addition, these amounts are not fixed over time and evolve, as explained by these content creators. Thus Joshua Mayo (author of videos on finance) affirms that his RPM has gone from $6 in October 2021 to $29.30 in October 2022.

Jack Neel, specialized in horror content and true crime Y with over a million subscriberssays she gets about $4,000 a month from YouTube’s creator monetization fund and more than $2,000 from advertising on her videos, but she’s able to earn even more from sponsors she contacts directly.

Manny Ortiz, author of photography tips and analysis videos, has more than 670,000 subscribers to his channel and his estimated monthly earnings for 2022 have gone from $349 in February to nearly $1,200 in October.

In the case of Spain, two of the channels with the most subscribers, Mikecrack and Luli Pampin, respectively have 35.7 million and 12.2 million subscribers. During the last month they would have added almost 15,000 million views for the first and 6,650 views for the second. With these figures, the estimated income for each one is respectively between 65,000 and 395,000 dollars for Mikecrack and between 73,000 and 443,000 dollars for Luli Pampín.

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