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How many years does each Android smartphones manufacturer update the software?

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As innovation in smartphones slows down, users are increasingly extending the life of their smartphones, as the improvements between generations are not as significant as they were a few years ago.

Therefore, it is important that manufacturers offer good support for software updates so that the phone is up to date.

If you are thinking of getting a new Android smartphone, this table built by a user of Reddit sample the number of years each manufacturer keeps their high-end devices up to date.

Position Maker Maximum number of OS updates Maximum number of security updates
one samsung 4 years 5 years
one OnePlus 4 years 5 years
one Oppo 4 years 5 years
2 Google 3 years 5 years
3 Xiaomi 3 years 4 years
4 Motorola 3 years 4 years
4 Realme 3 years 4 years
5 Alive 3 years 3 years
5 Nokia/HMD 3 years 3 years
6 sony 2 years 3 years
7 Honor 2 years 2 years
7 Asus 2 years 2 years
7 TCL 2 years 2 years
8 ZTE 1 year 1 year
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Keep in mind that manufacturers distinguish between updates to large versions of Android and security patches. In addition, some manufacturers only apply the maximum number of years to their most expensive devices (for example, in the latest Galaxy S, Z, A series in the case of Samsung).

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