How many Pixels has Google sold since the launch of the series? Less than you imagine

pixel 6a, the first update is a disappointment: the patches
pixel 6a, the first update is a disappointment: the patches

While Google prepares for the launch of the new generation of Pixel – whose presentation is expected for tomorrow -, new data compiled by IDC and shared by Vlad Savov (Bloomberg) give us an interesting prospect of success of the series of smartphones that Google launched 6 years ago.

Until 2016, in fact, the Mountain View house used to offer smartphones from the series Nexus, devices that over the years have struggled to find their own identity; they were initially perceived as reference smartphone for for Android manufacturers, later becoming synonymous with top of the economic range (in particular with Nexus 4 and Nexus 5), only to return to the high end with the latest exponents of the series, especially with Nexus 6P.

The creation of the Pixel series has allowed Google to focus on proposals that tend – except in some exceptional cases – belong to the high-end of the market and propose innovative hardware and software solutions. But how much has the Pixel series sold from 2016 to today? Very little, according to data reported by IDC.



According to what was reported by Savov, in fact, the whole Pixel series has sold just under 28 million units in 6 years, more precisely 27.6 million. Of course, in these 6 years Google has never guaranteed full availability in all markets and in the same period (just think of when the Pixel 6 arrived in Italy), which has certainly affected the possibility of buying Google home devices. .

To put the data into perspective, we just need to think about the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series sold between 20 and 25 million units in 2021 (data from The Elec), or at least a little less than what Google has sold with all its devices in the span of 6 years. We made the comparison with a single series of Samsung as the South Korean house markets several dozen different models every year, so it would not make much sense to compare its entire lineup, which is also positioned on more competitive ranges.



Obviously the data on Pixel sales is to be considered as a simple curiosity, since Google itself does not take any particular action aimed at the diffusion of its devices, since the sale of hardware is not its main business, as instead happens for most manufacturers.

Net of this, however, it is interesting to report how interest around the Pixels has grown in the last year, as also demonstrated by the sales figures. Is it time for a revival for Google? To find out, we will have to wait for the first information on the performance of the next Pixel 7.

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