How long will I be able to continue using my Windows 10 computer?

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how long will i be able to continue using my.jpg

Windows 10 PC screen

The launch of Windows 11 has not been good news for millions of PCs around the world. Microsoft increased the minimum requirements to be able to install it, or update to this version, to levels that many PCs do not meet. Especially in relation to the CPU and the TPM 2.0 chip. And, this 2024, things are going to get worse, since another very strict requirement will be placed on the processor. This leaves many users only able to use Windows 10, but for how long?

Windows 10, an operating system that will be 9 years old since its launch, and that Microsoft assured at its launch that it would be the last version of the system as such, will die when it turns 10 years old. That is, the next October 14, 2025this operating system will go down in history, since Microsoft will withdraw it from all sides, and will stop sending updates, neither maintenance nor security, to all users.

Windows 10 updated

What will happen to the computer from then on?

Windows 10 end of support

When the critical date arrives, October 14 next year, which is also patch Tuesday, Windows 10 will receive its latest update. And, from then on, users will be left hanging to their fate. More or less.

Although Microsoft is no longer going to update its operating system, there will continue to be system updates. Of course, they are going to be payment updates, just as happened with Windows XP, and focused exclusively on security. Of course, they will be updates designed mainly for companies, and their price will be quite expensive, increasing with each passing year. This leaves us to Windows 10 will be secure until October 2028.

Once that date is reached, there will be nothing to do. There will be no security updates, neither free nor paid, for this operating system. There will also be no official support in case you have any problems with it. And, as usual, many developers will stop supporting this system.

That is when, finally, it will be time to stop using Windows 10.

Give a second life to your computer

If we reach the critical date, then we only have two options. The first of them is to try, by all means, to update to a later version of the operating system. Most likely, by the end of the decade, we will already have Windows 12 among us, and it is even possible that we will begin to hear about Windows 13. Windows 11, for its part, should still be supported, so all versions after Windows 10 will be a good option.

image of a computer with windows

What if I can’t use any other version of Windows because I don’t meet the requirements? In this case we have two possibilities. The first of them is buy a new computer. If our laptop has lasted with Windows 10 until 2028, and does not support the requirements of Windows 11, it means that it already has 15 years, or more, behind it. And it will be time to buy a new one.

If we don’t want to spend money, we always have the possibility of install Linuxan alternative operating system to Windows, just as easy to use as this one (although legends say otherwise) and that will work, without any problem, with our already old computer.

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