How hinge technology works in foldable phones

How hinge technology works in foldable phones
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cell phone brand HONOR incorporated superlight gearless hinge technology into its new cell phone, with the launch of the “HONOR Magic Vs”, which becomes the first smartphone to obtain this technology.

The HONOR Magic Vs has a focus on design as well as hinge engineering, which solves multiple problems.

In this device there will be a big difference between the full screen shutdownas if it were a book, and the space between it, as well as the durability of the device and how it helps in the user experience.

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The internal or folding screen is larger, with a 7.9-inch flexible OLED panel with 90hz refresh rate, 100% playback. The idea of ​​Honor is to offer an experience similar to that of a tablets on this new device.

Back of the HONOR Magic V. (photo: El Rincón de China)

Back of the HONOR Magic V. (photo: El Rincón de China)

Hinges on folding

The gears They are used to allow screen rotation, but they make the device heavier and thicker. This new device is manufactured using the industry’s first one-piece casting processing technology.

The gears allow for better screen rotation, however they make the device heavier and thicker, but the HONOR Magic Vs’ super-lightweight gearless hinge drastically reduces the number of support structure components used in the hinge. from 92 to 4, offering a lightweight hinge and ensuring proper rotation at the same time.

HONOR has taken full advantage of the extra space offered by the smaller hinge and equipped the HONOR Magic Vs with 5,000mAh batteries, bringing better capacity in the foldable smartphone.

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cell phone lightness

On the other hand, according to the company, one of the reasons why the smartphone is so light is due to the expert engineering of the hinge, which is made of a special aerospace-grade polymeric material that is 62% lighter. than commonly used metals.

To further reduce the weight of the device, the hinge uses much fewer components than its predecessor, with only 4 compared to the 92 of the HONOR Magic V. And it is one of the added values ​​that allows for better capacity when performing different activities.

HONOR’s foldable smartphone measures 12.9mm thick when folded and weighs around 267g. This material is 34% lighter than the aluminum alloy used by most folding bikes on the market.

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HONOR Magic Vs

HONOR Magic Vs

Greater durability

Likewise, the HONOR Magic Vs stands out for its durability, since they have decided to use aerospace-quality polymeric material to guarantee the functionality and resistance of the hinge.

However, aerospace grade polymeric material has some high processing requirements. To solve this problem, HONOR redesigned the mold and used improved equipment such as the hot runner system and the cooling system.

Finally, the device has demonstrated its ability to withstand more than 400,000 folds, which is equivalent to more than ten years of use with 100 folds per day, which could also be one of the future problems for this type of cell phone.

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