How Google Can Protect Journalists From Cyber ​​Attacks

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1633701724 ciberseguridad.jpg

Many journalists have sensitive information about institutions and governments, data that, if published, can create problems for both the person who published it and the responsible media.

It is part of the trade, and although many do not take the risk, others prefer to open the doors to freedom of information, whatever happens.

Google knows this, and has tools that can help protect sensitive information, protect it from different cyber attacks that the servers where the data was published may suffer.

Today it announced new cybersecurity protection features for high-risk users. It claims that the number of cyberattacks targeting high-profile individuals and groups, as well as journalists working with sensitive information, has grown.

They have collaborated with organizations that specialize in protecting high-risk user groups, and created the Advanced protection program, to reinforce protections against certain attacks. You can find the details at

The acronym is APP, and it promises to be constantly updated in response to emerging threats. Anyone can use it, although it is specially designed for individuals and organizations most at risk of targeted online attacks, from elected officials to activists and journalists.

They protect against phishing attacks, malware and other malicious downloads on Chrome and Android, protect from unauthorized access to your personal account data, offer free security keys for selected groups, organize security consultations and online workshops, offer protection to political party campaigns, train local campaign workers, give practical assistance to implement cybersecurity tools … a great portal that can help better protect certain sectors.