How do I know if the mobile will update itself with the time change?

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There is nothing left for the second 2023 time change and with this, different doubts arise again. Among them, “is my phone going to change the time on its own?” So that you don’t have problems, there is a very simple way to know if it will change automatically during the early hours of October 28 to 29. This way you won’t have to do it manually on your phone.


At 03:00 it will be 02:00 hours. And the second time change will occur this morning, that is, when passing from Saturday to Sunday. The good thing is that, with technology, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything, since devices like cell phones adjust the time on their own. But, if you are afraid that it will not be changed, you just have to see if you have this setting activated on your smartphone.

Generally, you shouldn’t have any problems. And all because smartphones usually have this necessary function activated by default so that the time is changed automatically without users having to do it manually.

Automatic time on mobile phones

Once again, it’s time to set the clocks, in this case, on your mobile. And this is something that we will have to continue doing, at least until 2026 for now. In any case, and luckily for many, there are devices that no longer need to change the time. And all thanks to the fact that it automatically adjusts depending on the time zone of the area in which you live.



For example, among these devices in which it is modified automatically are mobile phones. Although, for it to change, you must have this setting activated:


If you have an Android phone, keep in mind that these steps may vary depending on the brand’s customization layer (Samsung’s One UI, Xiaomi’s MIUI…). To check it, follow this process on your smartphone:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Go to the tab System (may vary depending on the customization layer).
  • Tap on Date and Time.
  • Activate the box Set time automatically and the tab Set time zone automatically.

Android SettingsiPhone

In case you have an Apple smartphone, iOS It does not change, so you will always have to follow these same steps:

  • Enter the phone’s settings app.
  • Tap on the tab General.
  • Accede to Date and Time.
  • Activate the box Automatic adjustment. If you have GPS enabled on your mobile, it will add the time zone on its own, in this case, Madrid.

Change iOS time

These types of configurations are activated by default on smartphones. So it would be strange if they are not enabled this way on your phone. But, if you have doubts, just follow these steps to take a look and clear up your doubts. So don’t worry, because during the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, your phone will change time automatically. Also, keep in mind that it also applies to a bracelet or smart watch if you have them linked at the time.



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