How can I recover deleted messages on WhatsApp

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whatsapp recuperar mensajes eliminados 1.png

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WhatsApp is one of the applications that we use the most in our daily lives. In recent years, it has incorporated interesting options: such as deleting messages. But what happens if we make a mistake and we want to recover them? It’s possible?

Surely on more than one occasion you have encountered the same situation: you have deleted a WhatsApp message by mistake and you have wondered if it was possible to recover it. Indeed, it is possible to do so. Although, to do this, we must meet one condition: that we have deleted the message for ourselves, not for all participants in the conversation.

This can happen when, for example, we wanted delete the message for the two participants in a conversation and, inadvertently, we have pressed the wrong button and we want to recover it. Although we deleted the message for the two participants in the conversation, we have no option to recover them except through a restore from backup, The same does not happen in the event that we have deleted a message just for us. We tell you how to restore it.

On iOS and Android

Although both systems have, as we all know, some differences between them. The reality is that deleting messages, and subsequent recovery, in WhatsApp is very similar in both cases. So, below, we are going to detail you step by step. all the stages we must go through with the aim of being able to process those messages that we have deleted by mistake and that we want to recover.

First of all, it is important that we know that we will only be able to recover those messages that we have deleted solely for ourselves, as we have previously mentioned. It is not possible to recover those that we have deleted for both parties. In this case, we should know that we will have to stick to the time that the application offers us to recover it. Otherwise it wouldn’t be possible.

The only thing we have to do is pay close attention to the moment in which we proceed to delete the message that we will be able to see at the bottom. In it, we will have the opportunity to be able to restore the message which we just removed. Next to the “Undo” button, we will be able to see a countdown that we must respect to be able to recover the message in question. In case that let’s delete a photograph, an audio or any other format, the procedure is the same, so we will be able to recover any message that we have deleted.

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On WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has replicated the procedure to the maximum, both in mobile environments and in the web universe. So the steps we must follow will be very similar. In this case, when we delete any message just for us, a countdown automatically appears in the lower left corner that will allow us to undo the action. It is important that let’s react quickly to be able to recover the message, otherwise, we will not be able to have it back in our user account.

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In addition to the method that WhatsApp offers us natively, it is important to keep in mind that the best protection measure When we want to recover a deleted message on WhatsApp, it consists ofn make backup copies In this way, we will avoid losing messages in the event that we have deleted them by mistake and need to recover them again.

In order to make the backup, we only have to go to the configuration menu located in the lower right corner and then access the “Chats” window. In the “Backup” function, we must update to “Daily”. In this way, we will always have the possibility of restore a backup at any time, to be able to restore the messages that we have deleted by mistake.

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