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How Artificial Intelligence will impact the future of journalism

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This question has been on many people’s minds for some time now, and we can now see how AI is starting to influence journalism as the tools in question become more and more popular.

Artificial Intelligence can help journalists to automate some tasks, such as text generation. This means that a computer program can write an article based on the data provided by the journalist. This, of course, allows you to save time and effort, since you will not have to write the entire article from scratch.

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AI, in addition to participating in the creation of the text, can also be used to help journalists find interesting stories within a large data set. For example, a computer program can analyze thousands of documents to find interesting and revealing patterns that a human could never find. This is a great advantage for journalists, as it allows them to discover deeper and richer stories. It is not what ChatGPT does, but there are other tools, besides the famous one of the moment.

And with ChatGPT?

Another way AI is influencing journalism is with tools like ChatGPT. This tool uses deep learning algorithms to generate content based on the user’s questions. This means that a user can ask about a specific topic and receive accurate answers based on what is known about the topic. This offers journalists a quick and easy way to get accurate information without doing too much research on the subject.

The most successful journalist will be the one who asks the best questions, and the one who blends the answers by digesting them to create something innovative and interesting.


Although there are many obvious advantages to using Artificial Intelligence to help with journalism, there are some risks involved that we cannot forget. One potential problem is the fact that computer programs are not perfect and they can make mistakes if they are not given enough data or correctly formulated instructions. In addition, there is a risk that AI will be used by malicious individuals to spread fake news or manipulate public opinion.

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There are many potential benefits to using Artificial Intelligence to improve modern journalism, but there are also many risks involved if the necessary precautions are not taken to avoid errors or misuse by users.

The AI ​​is capable of returning false information, and if there is no research paper behind it, we will be able to read more atrocities than we are used to hearing, and this time we will not be able to blame the intern.

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