How Apple Described Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset

  • Words like “AI” were notably missing from Apple’s launch of its mixed-reality headset on Monday.
  • Instead, Apple used words like “machine learning” and “spatial computing” to describe Vision Pro. 
  • Here are four terms Apple used while launching Vision Pro, and three it actively didn’t. 

Apple blew reviewers and analysts away last Monday when it dropped the Vision Pro.

It’s the latest entry to the world of mixed-reality headsets, one that’s competitive and has a high bar to prove it can become a part of daily life. The Apple Vision Pro, which is expected to be released in 2024, comes with a $3,499 price tag — much higher than competing devices like Meta’s $499 Quest 3.

Apple tends to choose its words carefully when talking about new products. As Axios’ Ina Fried pointed out, Apple seemingly stayed away from using the term “smartphone,” using it only once, when launching the iPhone in 2007. 

Here are some of the key terms Apple did use in the presentation to launch Vision Pro, and some it seemingly steered clear of:

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