How and when to remove a TikTok filter

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tiktok pakistan veto.jpg
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Filters on TikTok are not always set in stone and eternal, there are circumstances in which they can be deactivated. This possibility will allow something as useful as deactivating a filter that has been activated by mistake.

Filters on TikTok can only be removed before posting a video

Once the video has been published the applied filter would be immovableso there would only be the option of deleting the video and re-editing it without that filter (or adding a different one), therefore these tips only allow you to remove or modify the filter applied to the video before proceeding to publish it on TikTok.

This is so because once the video with the filter has been published, it has been embedded in the video itself and that step cannot be undone.


The best time to deactivate a video is while it is being recorded, since at that moment you can see the result of the filter applied to the video and it could be recorded without said filter.

But if the video has already been recorded with the filter applied (and, importantly, the video hasn’t been published yet) TikTok still allows you to delete it at the time of editing. To do this, click on the “Filters” option that appears on the screen that allows you to create a new video, in the upper right.

This will open the filter selector and the “Forbidden” option can be selected on the left side of the tabs that show the different filter types. Another option would be select the “Normal” filter (first option to the left of the filter carousel), which effectively removes any applied filters and reverts the video to its original state.

Something similar happens with Effects. This option is located in the icon to the right of the central button that activates the video recording in TikTok, activating a selection of effects. Nor can they be deleted if the video has already been published, but if at the last moment the user regrets the applied effect, they can follow the same steps described above for filters: click the “Forbidden” button to the left of the tabs that show the filters. different effects or select the first option on the left.