How Alexa can help us with phrases and questions about the World Cup


The soccer World Cup is already the protagonist of the vast majority of the information media, and many technology giants offer resources that can help us to be informed quickly.

Google has created a widget that shows results in real time in the search engine, and the assistants have been prepared to give quick answers to any question we ask.

Alexa is no exception. It can give us the results of any match, the date a specific team will play, relevant data on specific games… but there is also certain information that not everyone knows.

Move closer to your Alexa and say this out loud:

– “Alexa, open World Cup Poll”
– “Alexa, cheer on the team”
– “Alexa, sing goal”
– “Alexa, tell me a football joke”
– “Alexa, sing the soccer song”
– “Alexa, when does the Spain team play?”
– “Alexa, when is the next World Cup game?”

As you can see, she is prepared, and always with that good sense of humor that characterizes her. Also remember that we can configure it to speak with a male voice, in case it is more pleasant for you.

There are some functions that I have tried without success, things like: “notify me an hour before a world cup game starts” or “add the world cup schedule to my calendar”, functions that must be specifically programmed by the Amazon team so that they can be activated without problems. We hope that within four years we will be able to count on this type of actions.

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