Horizon Chase 2 arrives to compose the Apple Arcade games catalog

Horizon Chase game has been released and is now available in the Apple Arcade catalog. It is a sequel to the first game, released in 2015 and which is considered a revamped version of the old Top Gear. In addition, the franchise’s developers are Europeian and even launched an expansion that honors Ayrton Senna.

One of the highlights of the sequel is the possibility of playing online multiplayer in all game modes. Likewise, it promises to be better than the first game in every way. AQUIRIS’ General Manager, Nando GuimarĂ£es, spoke about the goal he wants to achieve with the second game:

Our main challenge was to make a sequel without losing its original essence: the arcade racing spirit, the unique artistic look and the signature gameplay that made it a huge success. It’s simple, got it, it’s already playing. Played, already having fun. Especially on Apple Arcade.

The soundtrack remains another of the highlights of the title, which is made by the same Top Gear composer, Barry Leitch. In addition, it will be possible to race through 55 different tracks from around the world with up to 10 cars that will be unlocked throughout the gameplay.

Horizon Chase 2 will also have an option for local multiplayer, although this feature will not be available at first. Now, in the customization part, the user will be able to customize various parts of his car the way he wants. That way, even if there are 10 vehicles, the variety of options to make them unique is quite large.

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For those interested, the game is now available on Apple Arcade. For now, it has not yet been revealed if it will win versions for other platforms.