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HomePod on battery? Apple had thought of it

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HomePod mini, to date, has remained the only speaker sold by apple after even the Pill + by Beats which is not “smart” like the HomePod but still has an integrated battery that allows it to be used even without being connected to a power source.

According to what was stated by Mark Gurman Bloomberg in the latest edition of its weekly newsletter Power On, in Cupertino they would have already discussed internally and prototyped in recent years a sort of battery-powered HomePod whose development, evidently, would not have continued.


It is difficult to hypothesize at this point that Apple can actually bring one to the market in the short term even if the exit of the Pill + still leaves a fairly important gap in the offer.

HomePod mini was launched on the US market in October 2020 in two color variants. Also from October, but last year, three new colors were launched. From November, finally, HomePod mini has also arrived in Italy, sold at a price of 99 euros.

HomePod mini, as mentioned, is powered by cable and it would not be bad to actually have one with an integrated battery to be recharged, if necessary. via a MagSafe base that Apple is trying to cut back on most of its products.


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