HIMO C20, by Xiaomi, an ideal electric bike for the city

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captura242 730x386.jpg

For modern life in urban settings, the use of electric bicycles has become quite a popular alternative over the years. The comfort they provide and the contribution to the environment that the use of these vehicles imply have been part of the reasons that have consolidated them as transportation alternatives.

Part of the popularity of these specimens is due to the growing supply of these devices, highlighting on this occasion the Xiaomi HIMO C20, a perfect electric bike for everyday use.

This mid-range electric bike, available at gogobest, more than meets the requirements to move around the city quietly. This vehicle is capable of loading up to 100 kilos without difficulties and has a front LED spotlight, plus a red rear brake light.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 battery

Xiaomi HIMO C20 battery

One of the strengths of the HIMO C20 is its battery performance. Its lithium-ion power source, which recharges after six hours, weighs 2.5 kilos and has a capacity of 18,659 mAh, which translates into a range of 80 kilometers if using hybrid, assisted pedaling. by electrical energy. If only the power of the engine is used to drive, its capacity is limited to the still effective 50 km. As the maximum speed, this electric bike can reach 25 km / h.

On the steering wheel, the HIMO C20 bike has an integrated odometer, which also displays a battery charge indicator.

Key points of the Xiaomi HIMO C20

The gearshifts on this vehicle are made up of Shimano parts, offering six different speeds and their brakes they are optimized to stop in just six meters on wet surfaces and in four meters when braking on dry ground.

Another interesting aspect of this specimen is its discreet integrated inflation system, the pump is hidden in the saddle of the bicycle, available to be used as needed, without any external tools.

The critical components of this electric bike, such as its screens, battery, motor and others are protected with IPX5 class water resistance. With this protection, the vehicle is prepared to face adverse weather situations such as exposure to rain or crossing muddy puddles.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 size

Xiaomi HIMO C20

The HIMO C20 bike weighs approximately 21 kilos and measures 1470 x 610 x 1060 millimeters. Its height, indicated in the second figure of the previous measurement, can be extended to 965 millimeters, adapting the extension of the body of this bicycle to the size of the user.
According to its specifications and considering the demands to which an electric bicycle is subjected under an urban commute routine, the performance of the HIMO C20 can be evaluated as adequate for these contexts.

Xiaomi HIMO C20 link and price

With good aesthetic finishes, plus an ergonomic design that takes care of fundamental safety aspects, such as the presence of a textured handlebar and non-slip pedals, this Xiaomi example is presented as a competitive alternative in its sector.
This electric bike can be obtained at Gogobest for € 615.99, although with this code it is possible to obtain 15 euros discount: YBX9CM2C8CNC.

Link: click here.