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Highlights of Tor Browser 12.0, just here for everyone


Tor Browser 12.0 is here, the new version of this privacy-focused browser based on Mozilla’s Firefox browser. The developer team points out that this version is based on the most recent extended version of Firefox, Firefox 102, incorporating most of the new features that have come down the road to Firefox, although the team has “carefully” disabled those elements that enter in conflict with Tor Browser’s “strict privacy and security principles”.

In addition, another notable aspect is that Tor Browser is now multi-local, supporting a wide variety of languages ​​available in a single installer. In this regard, new users will have the interface adapted to the system language, while those who come from a previous version will maintain the previously available language, although they will be able to change the language within the general settings.

Relatedly, while multi-language support saves on file size for the installer, developers have become more efficient in other ways to the point that the difference in file size between Tor Browser 11.5 and 12.0 is less. .

Native support for Apple processors and more

Another novelty is that now has native support for Apple Silicon processors. Mac computer users will have a universal binary, installing the native version for Intel or the native version for Apple Silicon depending on the processor available on the Mac computer.

For Android users, there is also news. First of all, the new version comes with the HTTPS-Only feature enabled by defaultwhich according to indicate:

This change will help provide the same level of protection against SSL removal attacks by malicious exit relays that we introduced to the desktop in Tor Browser 11.5.

It also comes with the option to “prioritize .onion sites”, which must be previously activatedso that when going to a website, access to the .onion version is prioritized, for which the website must have the Onion-Location function configured.

These are the main news, although there are minor news, so those who want all the details will have it in the official announcement.