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High grade! iPhone 14 is dismantled by iFixit and impresses with the ease of repair

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The iphone 14 had a mixed reception due to its discreet evolutions, since it has the same screen, processor and other “inherited” specifications of the iPhone 13. On the other hand, ifixit showed that the new cell phone brings important improvements inside and can make users save good amounts in case of damage.

In a video published this Monday (19), the American repair and technical assistance company showed the disassembly process of the iPhone 14, highlighting that the cheapest cell phone of the new generation became much easier to fix, getting a 7 out of 10 in repairability and outperforming the iPhone 13.

“The most interesting feature of this cell phone was not disclosed by Apple”, comments the presenter of the channel before starting the disassembly. The process starts with removing two screws at the bottom of the model and applying heat using a thermal surface, so the canvas can be easily decoupled using a palette.

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The surprise occurs soon when removing the screen — there is a metal plate that separates the panel from other internal components. This part covers all other parts of the phone while providing a surface for removing screws and display connectors, making their replacement much simpler — and cheaper.

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(Image: iFixit)

You can also access the inside of the device by removing its back cover. iFixit points out that this was an area of ​​great repair difficulty until the iPhone 13, which could require the use of a laser to remove the part, resulting in costs of up to US$ 599 (about R$ 3,099). For the iPhone 14, Apple charges $169 for the same service.

The new design makes the iPhone 14 like a “sandwich” consisting of the screen, glass cover and the metal frame that houses all the internal components, including the haptic motor and the speakers positioned at the bottom and easily removable.

(Image: iFixit)

The battery is fixed by an adhesive material that can be corroded with the help of isopropyl alcohol. The process of removing the rear and front camera sensors is the same as the previous generation. iFixit mentions the satellite connectivity of the iPhone 14, which required a new antenna placement strategy for 5G.

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“The new metal chassis supporting the structure required an internal redesign, as well as a rethought design for the RF components and an effective doubling of their ingress protection perimeter,” comments Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit.

The major repairability disadvantage of the iPhone 14 is imposed by Apple itself. Big tech has a policy that requires authentication of any replaced part on the cell phone — a process that can only be done at an authorized technical service — and this rule applies to its back cover.

This could make the user unable to use the parts attached to the back cover, such as the LED flash and the NFC communication chip for Apple Pay, although there is still no confirmation from the company about these potential scenarios.

(Image: iFixit)
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Despite its regrets, iFixit still treats this as the “most substantial iPhone redesign since the iPhone X”, and indeed represents a step towards affordable cell phone repairability. The rating of 7 is the highest score given to the smartphone since the iPhone 7, and it beats relatively low ratings from rival phones such as the Galaxy S22 and Zenfone 9.

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