Hide WhatsApp notifications on Android and iOS so that no one sees what you type

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WhatsApp It has become the number 1 instant messaging platform in the world. Millions of messages are sent and received through it every day. All of these messages travel end-to-end encrypted, so no one (in theory) can access their content. However, if we are really concerned about our privacy, we do not have to worry about Meta reading or not reading the messages, but about the weakest link where the information is stored: our phone.

When we receive a WhatsApp message on our phone, it appears with its corresponding notification. In it we can see, in addition to who sent it, part of the message it tells us. We can even choose, depending on the mobile phone, to respond from the notification itself.

All this is very comfortable, but when it comes down to it it is a serious privacy risk. We must keep in mind that anyone who is close to us, or who has access to our mobile when we receive a message, will be able to see its content. And, surely, there is personal and private information that we do not want to be known.

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Luckily, there are several ways to hide both the content and the notifications themselves on your mobile. Below we explain how to do it, whether you are an Android user or if you have opted for an iPhone.

Hide WhatsApp notifications on Android

The Android system itself has a function called “Hide sensitive notifications.” What this function does is hide the content of the notifications until we access the corresponding application at hand. This way, if someone is with our cell phone, or we are teaching something to another person, the notification will appear as such, but neither who sent it nor the content will appear.

To activate this option, what we must do is go to the Settings panel of our phone, and then open the “Applications and notifications” panel (which may vary depending on the Android ROM installed), and enter the section of notifications. There we will see an option called «Sensitive notifications«, which, when checked, will be responsible for hiding the content of the messages.

Android sensitive notifications

Some phones with very aggressive customization layers (such as MIUI) may not have this option enabled. In that case, what we have to look for is, within the notifications, the option to hide their content on the lock screen. And, to avoid floating notifications, deactivate this option. In this way, the notification will enter the phone, but only the icon at the top will appear.

MIUI Notifications

Hide notifications on iOS

In iOS we also have several options with which we can control how our notifications appear. And, being a single operating system, without modifications, these are available to everyone equally. What we have to do is open the Settings menu of our phone, and go to the Settings section. «Notifications».

Within it, we must look for the application for which we want to deactivate notifications (in our case, WhatsApp), and open the configuration options. At the bottom we will find a section called «Appearance on lock screen«, and within it the section of «Preview».

iOS WhatsApp notifications

We can choose between three options: always show, if unlocked, or never. The ideal is the second, so that we can only see the content when we have unlocked it ourselves.

If what you want is to prevent the message from appearing when you are using it, what you should do is, within the previous notifications section, deactivate the option to “Strips.” In this way, a notification will appear at the top, but nothing will appear on the screen that we do not want to appear.

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