Hide recent apps in the iPad Stage Manager

ipados 16 stage manager.jpg
ipados 16 stage manager.jpg

In case it is no longer necessary to have your most recent apps sitting on the left side of your iPad Stage Manager, it is entirely possible to just hide their recent apps display on your screen.

Hiding the recent applications of the Stage Manager is a vital part when working because this way you have a large amount of visible space or, failing that, it will really help you to notice more of the field of amplitude. This can really become an important part of your workflow if you constantly use your iPad and even more so if it is a model with a slightly smaller screen. It will also work if you just want to have less distraction when using the screen at work. Remember that your recent apps are the ones you see on the left side of the Stage Manager.

Originally and if you have not configured something different, your iPad will show you the recent apps, so there is still the possibility to change it if you prefer or manage the apps so that they do not appear on the left side of your Stage Manager. Find out everything below.

Hide recent apps from the left panel of your iPad Stage Mager

  • Go to the “Settings” app.
  • Go to the “Home screen and multitasking”.
  • Now to “Scenario Manager”.
  • In this section you will have to deactivate the “Recent Apps” box and thus it will be hidden from the applications shown on the left side of the Stage Manager.
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If you perform this action, you will see it reflected immediately. So in case you regret it, you can deactivate and activate as many times as you want depending on your needs in each case.

In case you just want to clear some space for more concentration, The option to disable the iPad Stage Manager Dock is also included. However, this option is completely up to you and depends too much on your preferences.

Show recent apps in the iPad Stage Manager on the left

In case the feature is already deactivated and you cannot see any app on the left side in the Stage Manager, you can activate it like this:

  • With the process you will only have to repeat the method explained above, accessing “Settings”, “Home screen and multitasking”, then “Scenario manager”. Finally, check the “Recent applications” box. This, like the previous mention, you will be able to notice immediately.