Here WhatsApp, can I be useful to you? Support is received in chat


Whatsapp, we know it, never sleeps. Better, its developers never sleep, who every day – or almost every day – release something new on the beta channel or implement new features that remain “hidden” within the code. So, after the latest on reactions and the new Desktop app for Windows 11, here is making its debut a tool that, over time, will be really useful and comfortable: the in-app support via chat.

The feature is being released on the beta channel of Android (v. and on that of iOS (v. 22.2.72), but in some cases it can already be found on the stable version of the app (this is our case, We have been lucky). For an extended rollout, however, there will be a few more days to wait. And to think that WhatsApp direct support via chat had already released it on the respective beta versions last year, and then retraced its steps.

The first signs date back to 2020, hidden within the code of an Android beta. Probably some technical problem, or perhaps an afterthought, perhaps the intention to improve the service by postponing it to the new year. And so, it seems, it is happening. Just go in Settings> Help> Contact us.

The chat support is only an option, you can in fact request help via email. To guarantee that it is WhatsApp that answers us in chat a green check mark will appear. Clearly, to receive support you will have to provide some personal information, such as the telephone number, the network to which you are connected, the operating system used and the version of the app installed on the smartphone.