Here are all the expected changes on the iPhone 13

iphone 13.jpg
iphone 13.jpg

It is a fact that tomorrow we will be seeing the iPhone 13But what can we expect? Virtually all the details have already been leaked. Here’s everything we expect for this new flagship phone from Manzana.

The specifications of the iPhone 13 are a mix of everything a bit

Before we move on to the new features, let’s take a look at something that won’t change. On Tuesday, Apple is expected to introduce four models the same size as the series iPhone 12. There will be a Standard 6.1-inch iPhone 13, 6.7-inch Pro Max, 6.1-inch Pro, and 5.4-inch mini. The screen resolutions for these will also remain unchanged.

But there will be significant improvements in this area. Many, many reports point to Apple reducing the iPhone’s screen clipping. It supposedly goes from 1.38 inches to 1.0 inches. This is apparently a step towards replacing the notch with a camera “drill” by 2022.

Also, the display’s refresh rate is supposedly going up to 120 Hz, a feature that the iPad Pro has had for years. This will make the user interface work better, but it will consume more power, so Apple could make all four models of iPhone 13 are slightly thicker to hold larger batteries.

Rumors have also emerged that point to an always-on screen like recent models of Apple Watch. But initial hopes that the device would come with Touch ID under the display have dashed this rumor.

Other hardware features are not going to change. For example, there will still be a Lightning port and MagSafe wireless charging.

Many improvements to the camera

The covers for him iPhone 13 They are already starting to appear, and these reveal some details about the cameras. In particular, all four models will have a larger camera rim than their predecessors, this will make room for more features.