Helmet-Cam Footage Shows US Volunteers in Combat With Russians

  • Helmet-cam appears to show American soldiers fighting Russian forces in Ukraine.
  • The footage shows them dodging bullets and mortar blasts as they try to seek cover and intense fire.
  • Since the war in Ukraine began, many foreign fighters have joined up. Several US volunteers have died.

New footage appears to show US volunteers engaged in battle against the Russian army in Ukraine.

The video, filmed on a body-worn camera, shows soldiers walking through rubble and smoke while the sounds of shots and blasts ring out in the background.

The American soldiers run through the barren land, at times tripping over in the rubble.

As strikes hit from overhead, debris can be seen flying, and thick plumes of smoke billow.

The soldiers can be heard shouting instructions in American accents to each other as they dodge gunfire and make their way to shelter amid the ruins.



We did our job 100%. Glory to the heroes”

Insider was not able to independently verify the video, which was originally posted on Instagram, and then shared on Twitter by the Eastern European news outlet Visegrád 24. The faces of the soldiers were blurred to hide their identity.

The original footage appeared to have been posted by a Ukrainian medic called “Nova” on June 16. It says it was filmed by a US teammate.

On Instagram, he described how the position of the squad was shelled, and they had to retreat, avoiding mortars as they did. At the end of the video, the men take cover in a building, where he comments tanks and mortars fired upon them.

He concludes: “We will remember them all the defenders of this city. We did our job 100%. Glory to the heroes.”

In an earlier compilation video he posted of the fighting in Bahkmut, eastern Ukraine, there are clips of the US soldiers fighting seen in the later footage.

Insider reached out to “Nova” for comment but received no response.

Since the war in Ukraine began in February 2022, hundreds of foreign fighters have flocked to join the fight. Most of these fighters joined the International Legion, while others joined the army itself or worked to help Ukrainian forces in other capacities.

Several American volunteers have died battling Russian forces in Ukraine.

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