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The Stylish Way To Wear Your Skinny Jeans This Year

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Trend alert! This is how skinny jeans will be worn in 2018.

New forms of denim are dominating the street style, leaving skinny jeans in a lagging place. But don’t worry, you don’t have to ditch your skinny jeans so quickly because there is a way to show them off without losing style.

We love how garments look that balance (masculine-feminine, high-low) with each other, where tight items harmonize with other more baggy ones. That is why the number one way to combine your skinny jeans is with a masculine cut blazer. This piece elevates the classic skinny jeans and gives it new airs.

Here we leave you some ideas that may seem a bit wintry, but we want you to be the first to know the trends that come from the northern hemisphere so that you can show yourself when the cold months arrive.

Your skinny jeans with long boots and a blazer, where only a piece of denim will be seen, will give a sophisticated air to the look.

A blazer makes the dress over pants look more “wearable.”

A tartan blazer immediately rises over a turtleneck sweater.

With a banana as a belt or with a purse tied like that, it looks spectacular.

Opt for darker colors, like gray and black, to give your outfit a more polished touch.

Add a beret or driver’s hat and you’ll be absolutely on trend.

Try a more textured blazer and you will give a vintage air to your look.

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