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The Items Every Stylish Woman In Her 30s Needs

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By the time you hit your 30s, you’ve likely figured out a few things: your overall career path, how to politely decline an invitation, the things you like to do the most, what you really enjoy eating, etc! You probably should have also discovered that trends come and go, while there are other basic items and garments that never go out of style and that we can turn to over and over and still look amazing. That is why we want to detail what are these 10 elements that a 30-year-old woman cannot stop having!

1. Sandals tied to the ankle.


It doesn’t matter if you combine them with a mini dress or ankle pants, sandals that match your skin tone are a must!

2. Dress for a night out.


Find a silhouette that flatters you and highlights what you like best about your body and invest in a version of that dress in black. It will serve you both for a date and for a marriage.

3. Elegant necklace.


Pick a dainty necklace that will help accentuate, for example, a simple white button-down shirt or add interest to a black look.

4. Cashmere sweater.


It’s officially time to update your sweaters made from itchy wool blends to cashmere fabrics that stand the test of time.

5. Red lipstick.


The shine and radiance that a good red lipstick brings is simply unsurpassed.

6. Elegant wallet.


It does not matter if you are attending a work meeting, traveling or in your day to day, a simple, polished and elegant portfolio will always make you look good and refined.

7. Lingerie set.


Every woman should have at least one nice set of lingerie.

8. Classic watch.


If you are buying a watch, think about choosing a classic model that tomorrow could be a family heirloom.

9. Classic trench coat.

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This classic garment is a must because it combines with absolutely everything: from a casual outfit to a more elegant and polished look.

10. Flattering jeans.


Here we refer to those jeans that lift your butt, slim your hips and lengthen your legs. They are the most versatile garment!

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