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How to Add Green to Spaces

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If you like decoration then surely you know that indoor plants give life to any place in the home; its green color and its different textures and shapes make this element a “must” in any stylish home. In addition to providing a unique character, indoor plants bring thousands of benefits (as many for you as for the home), but these benefits will only be achieved if we manage to maintain them properly; the location, its pot, the amount of light and the type of plant are some of the many factors that influence the conservation of these natural elements.

If you want to know more about the subject, then you cannot miss the following article that will explain everything you need to know to add green to your spaces. Do not miss it!MTM1OTM0MTExNTUzNDgyNzIy

3 good reasons to include indoor plants in your home

1) Indoor plants will help your home look better. The color and texture they have will make any neutral and flat space come alive.MTM1OTM0NDE1MTUzOTYwMjEw

2) They purify the air. Plants increase oxygen levels and remove toxins from the air.

3) Plants make people happy! Indoor plants contribute to general well-being by providing a calm environment that makes you feel optimistic.MTM1OTM0NDMyMzMzODAyMTE1

Benefits of some plantsMTM1OTM0NDU3MDI5ODkxMzQ2


Purifies the air and removes formaldehyde. Tip: Put it near newly renovated places (with a lot of smell of new paint or carpet, for example).

Sansevieria trifasciata

It purifies the air and removes the nitrogen oxide produced by combustion appliances. Tip: Put it in the kitchen or in rooms with wood stoves.


Removes mold from air. Tip: Put it in bathrooms or in humid areas of the house.

aloe vera

The gel within the plant relieves inflammation of the skin caused by sunburn. To use it, you just have to cut one of its stems in half and squeeze the gel directly on the skin.

How much light do you need?

a lot of light

Original: Cupcakes and Cashmere

medium light

Original: Cupcakes and Cashmere
low light

Original: Cupcakes and Cashmere

Where to buy?

If you have a livelihood nearby, we recommend you buy it there (before in the big stores). Many times the large home stores tend to spray a lot of pesticides and are not entirely taken care of. Also in the nurseries (generally) you will find only the plants that grow in the place and the people who work there know more about the subject.MTM1OTM0NDg3MzYzMDk5MTAy

Choosing a planter

When it comes to choosing planters, size matters! If we put our plant in a pot that is too small, it will dry faster and quickly fill with roots (leaving the plant without room to grow). On the other hand, if our pot is very large we will need more soil and water to maintain it, which can cause the root of the plant to rot. To find the perfect pot, make sure it has a diameter one or two centimeters larger than the pot in which the plant originally came.

Make sure the planter you choose has holes in the bottom. This will cause the water to drain out which will avoid drowning the root of the plant. Generally the pots come with a plate so that the water does not dirty the soil … if you do not have it, we recommend you put something under the pot.MTM1OTM0NDU5MTc3Mzc0OTk0


Common problems + answerMTM1OTc3MDA5NDE4MzQ5MTg3

1) Your plant leans

If your plant leans towards the window or light source, it is because it wants more sun. Bring it closer to the light or rotate it so that all its parts receive the necessary amount of sun.

2) The leaves wither

If the leaves wither, this means that your plant is thirsty! Water it more often!

3) The leaves of your plant are falling off

If the lower leaves fall off this is absolutely normal. However, if you notice that many leaves are falling at the same time, this may be due to dryness …

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