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Best Shoe Styles To Wear With A Black Dress

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The reason black dresses are such a prevalent fashion trend is their versatility. That is its great beauty, right?

You have last minute plans, or nothing seems to be working, or you don’t feel like buying another fashionable dress that you will be tired of next season, and -voilà- there is your black dress hanging from the closet. Yes, the one that never lets you down. Since we know it’s probably a garment you wear multiple times, if you want to update it a bit here are 8 shoe styles that will do the job.

1. Boots with a wide sole.

A dainty dress with a rougher pair of shoes sounds like a perfect match for us.

2. Classic black studs.

Classic, simple and elegant. You know the exercise: these shoes are winners.

3. White boots.

Dramatic black dresses look modern and fresh with a shoe that makes a stark contrast.

4. Simple sandals with a strap.

Let yourself be guided by the fashion of the 90s and choose with a clean and strappy silhouette.

5. Your favorite sneakers.

One pair of sneakers, regardless of shape or color, makes any LBD perfect for the day.

6. Red ankle boots.

Black dresses, especially when worn multiple times, can start to feel a bit boring. Choose a shoe style that can transform even the piece you wear over and over again.

7. Striking flats.

Add a little personality to your look without compromising on comfort.

8. Pointed mules.

We love the elongated shape of this It trend – elongate your legs, no matter how high the hem is.

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