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5 Tips To Achieve A Look Worthy Of Street Style Photo

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It has happened to every fashion lover at some point: you’re browsing Pinterest and suddenly you stumble upon the perfect street style look – an infallible combination, shoes to die of envy and the latest fashion bag, all photographed from the perfect angle – and you tighten re-pin immediately. But, the question is: how do these women do it? After all, it takes a lot of energy and expensive designer clothes to create the perfect outfit for the photo, right?… You’re wrong…. With a few simple tips and tricks, it’s easy to make a photo-ready look. Here we leave you 5 tricks to achieve photogenic looks!

Sure, the looks of street style stars and bloggers seem unattainable, but with a little ingenuity and creativity, it’s easy to pull off a Pinterest-worthy look, even without the designer clothes!

1. Layering game.


An easy way to make an outfit more interesting is to wear layers of clothing. We love this look from blogger Julie Sariñana who is an expert in layering extra clothes to add color, prints and textures to her outfits. The best thing about this trick is that you can make a spectacular look with the basics that you already have in your closet. To achieve this, try wearing an open blue jean shirt over a white shirt and a gray jacket or blazer on top. Finish the look with a leather mini!

Another tip that does not fail for this same concept is the rule of the third garment.

2. Details are important.


To make those close-ups really stand out, street style stars take care of every little detail. Be it fringes on a skirt, an embroidery on a blouse, or an incredible pair of shoes, wearing clothes with interesting touches will make the approaches of your outfits much more chic! To achieve this look, try the fringed skirts that are so fashionable. For girlie girls, a lace finish is always a good option. Shoes with textures like snake or leopard are a good way to add special accents to your look.

3. Play with the proportions.


To make your look more dramatic, play with different proportions, lengths, and sizes. Oversized pieces like thick fabrics, extra wide leg pants (culottes) and midi skirts are definitely having their moment of glory within the street style elite, and they are easy pieces to combine when you want to give a special touch to a minimalist look. If you are afraid that wearing an oversized piece will make you look bigger in front of the cameras, try choosing just one such item and keep the rest of the outfit tighter for a more flattering silhouette.

4. Color it up!


True, fashionistas love their blacks, grays, and neutrals, but to make a look truly photo-ready, a colorful garment to add color accents can go a long way. We love how fashionista Carlotta Oddi uses her pink coat to give a fashion touch to her black one, making this photo inspire us! To achieve this look, it helps to start with the colorful garment and build the outfit around it.

5. Use your accessories.


When it comes to accessories, for some street style stars, the rule is “more is more.” In the best street style photos of risky fashionistas like Anna Dello Russo, flashy accessories and stacked jewelry are what make the look. One of the easiest ways to improve your accessory game is to try out an eye-catching wallet. A purse in a strong color, or an unexpected texture is a good way to add an edgy touch to your look. To make your outfit stand out even more, feel free to wear multiple jewels at once! Pieces like cool necklaces or ear cuffs can turn any look from normal to photo-ready.

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